Art Song Arrangement

Schubert: An die Musik (ft. Hahn: A Chloris)
This is a new art song arrangement of two of my favorite songs. While I was listening to A Chloris for the first time, I had a strong instinct that there is a possibility to put this song along with An die Musik together. In this arrangement, you may hear the harmonic quality of French music such as the adding 7th/9th chords. Also, with the combination of tempo rubato in Germanic music tradition. It turns out a surprising effect in this special arrangement.   
- Collaborating with singers from the Undergraduate German repertoire class at NEC

Schumann: Widmung (in the style of Charles Ives) 
While we are in the quarantine time because of the pandemic in 2020, the school is moving to virtual teaching. This group of singers are supposed to meet every week in class before the outbreak. Here is a special version producing in this period of time, presenting one of the everlasting wonderful German art song - Schumann's Widmung. Music has such the power to connect us, while the singers has the liberty to decide their own tempo and key no matter wherever they are in the world. 
- Collaborating with singers from the Undergraduate German repertoire class at NEC

Wolf: Auch kleine Dinge 
- Collaborating with Angela Yam and Nathan Halbur